How should timesheets be displayed

Release 2.6.0 πŸ“… Timesheet start / end date options

James Warrack Release

Release 2.6.0 πŸ“… Timesheet start / end date options

How should timesheets be displayed

Release notes

A quick release this week:

  • The ability toΒ have timesheets entered on a week / month beginning or ending.
  • Wording clarified when adding a contractor and line manager to a contract.

Enter timesheets on a week / month beginning or ending

As with a lot of things, we find that requests come like buses. Nobody asks for them and then from out of the blue, a good 5 or 10 will ask for it at the same time. Well that happened here. We had both prospective and live users asking if we could allow the system to ask temps to submit their timesheets on a 'week ending' basis.

This means that when a contractor goes to submit a timesheet, previously, it would ask for a date as 'week beginning' and give the date of the first Monday of that week or 'month beginning' and give the first day of that month.

The downloadable spreadsheet would then display the timesheets as these dates for the week or month of classification.

The change we have introduced allows the recruitment agency admin to change this across the agency (we couldn't see a good reason for adding the option at lower levels) to display the week or month ending.

If the agency selects this;

A contractor on a weekly contract will be asked to enter the timesheet for the Sunday of that week.

A contractor on a monthly contract will be asked to select a date which is the last day of the month.

In either of these scenarios, the downloads will classify the timesheets as week or month ending and of course, you can have a mixture of the two.

This works retrospectively so if you have already been using the system for months or years, the previously entered data is automatically retrospectively updated.

If your agency would like to implement this, go to the help site to change your timesheets to a week / month ending basis

Submit a timesheet with start and end date

Wording change

When you go to the 'Add a new contractor to the contract' slide-out, at the bottom, the button now says 'invite users' which gives a clearer indication that the system will be sending out emails when that button is pressed.

Online and offline notifications

What's coming next?

  • Night shifts
  • Add an additional admin role
  • Improvements to settings
  • and more...