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Release 2.15.0 🎛️ Filtering and improved agency support

James Warrack Release

Release 2.15
🎛️ Filtering and improved agency support

Intelligent authoriser selection

Release notes

  • Timesheet filtering
  • Enhanced agency support
  • UI changes
  • Background app improvements

Timesheet filtering

Every user can now filter timesheets by date, update time, status and the number of timesheets shown.

We will be adding more in future but this a great improvement for now and means you don't need to do it all via the Excel and CSV downloads.


Enhanced agency support

As an agency administrator, you will now see an additional menu item at the bottom of the page entitled 'Raise a support issue'. By clicking this, you can talk directly to us via a chat window. From here, we can raise tickets if needed or give you instant answers. 

Please note that this does not mean we have stopped any other channels of support, you are always welcome to call us or email, if you prefer. 

Please note that this is not available on Internet Explorer (legacy).

Enhanced support

UI changes

In the everlasting pursuit of making and keeping SaveTrees the most intuitive system on the market, we noticed that some of our latest releases have confused a few.

So in response to this, we have:

  • Hidden certain fields in slideouts - these are still available, you just have to drop them down to see them, and;
  • We have clarified what you are looking at, for example, when you are on the Contractor detail page, the tabs now say 'Contractor authorisers' and 'Contractor timesheets' so that you are clear that what you are viewing relates to that particular contractor.
  • When a user doesn't signup within 7 days and the invite link has expired, they were given a warning message with a link to request a new one but this was often missed so that is now underlined.
Contractor detail

Background app improvements

A lot of work has been put into the foundations of the system for further improvements that are coming. This will give us greater flexibility in what features can come next.

Bug fixes

  • Trickle down of defaults 
  • Long dates being cut off on contract detail timesheet view
  • Safari browser - disabled buttons were not taking on the normal styles
  • From an admin perspective, when authorising a timesheet from the summary page, the resend email icon would stay until the page was refreshed