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Release 2.5.0 📃 Branded Timesheet PDF’s

James Warrack Release

Version 2.5.0 📃 Branded PDF DownloadsRelease notesThis release contains several improvements: Branded PDF timesheets Offline and online notifications Additional format for downloads from Timesheet summary page Branded PDF timesheetsYou can now download Timesheets in  PDF format. This has your branding at the header and footer and has the latest status change audit details such as who authorised it, when and …

Timesheet notes

Release 2.4.0 📝 Timesheet comments

James Warrack Release

Version 2.4.0 📝 Timesheet notes Release notesThis release contains several great new features: Timesheet notes Reasons for rejections Search function in drop down menus Client change & addition on Contract detail Tool tips on quick actions Timsheet notesYou can now add comments to timesheets. This can be done by the contractor, any authorisers assigned to that contractor or the agency, …

Timesheet email notifications

Release 2.2.0 📬 Email notifications

James Warrack Release

Version 2.2.0 📬 Email notifications Email notifications After much demand, we are happy to announce that email notifications are here! This means that when a contractor submits a timesheet, the primary authoriser receives an instant email notification. Once the timesheet is then authorised, the contractor receives an email saying that the timesheet has been accepted or rejected. Agency ‘from’ name …

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Release 2.1.1 – ✈️ Holiday option

James Warrack Release

Version 2.1.1 is now live! Option to allow contractors to submit time as holidayA long time ago, one of our first agencies asked us to add a holiday tick box to the timesheets so we did, we have since had a request from another agency to remove it so we have made it an option. This option is now set …

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Release 2.0.0

James Warrack Release

New Decade, New Online Timesheet System🎉Version 2.0.0 is now live! 🎉Faster Timesheet Submission and Authorisation For AllFor a long time, we’ve been on a mission to bring the neatest, fastest and most user friendly online timesheet system to recruitment agencies, their contractors and their clients and now, we’ve taken another huge leap forward towards that goal. In this release, timesheet …

Recruitment Agency Branding

Branding is here!

James Warrack Monthly update, Release

Branding is here!Timesheet Portal Branding is here!After months of hard work, the system has had a huge upgrade which brings with it the much anticipated Branding feature along with plenty of bug fixes, speed improvements and fundamental changes which will allow for fast roll outs of features that we’ve got lined up for release very soon. BrandingYou can now set a …


Pricing model change

James Warrack Monthly update

We’ve got a new pricing model! FeedbackOver the last year we’ve been speaking with lots of recruitment agencies from all over the world and whilst the feedback on the timesheet product itself has been great,  the pricing model has come across as confusing. So, we’ve flipped it on it’s head in order to improve clarity. Main points to note There …


Press Release June 2019

James Warrack press release

Disruptive timesheet startup launches freemium service Major disruptor in the timesheet market, Bristol-based startup SaveTrees has recently launched an updated version of their simple, online service which enables contractors, agencies, and their clients to submit and approve timesheets. After becoming frustrated by the existing timesheet providers in the market who many find expensive, difficult to use and offer inflexible contracts, …